Staycation 2012

Hello, and Welcome to the Darkside...

The parents are back for their journeys. The boys are settled at their community college. All the cars are fixed. I've edited my eight book this year. No brain left. Time for a vacation. Except I'm a starving artist. No money. Staycation it is. But what to do? What to do? TV show marathon? Split the atom? No, I want to shoot something. And since I'm slowly becoming a teenage boy I think video games are in order. Lucky for me I've only ever played but three games so I have millions to chose from. The boys recommended Fallout: New Vegas. That'll do. So here was my vacation schedule for four days straight:

Day One

7:00-Wake up, toiltette, dress, coffee
7:30-Load game, create character, learn to walk and shoot
8-5: Play game.
5:15-Stomach rumbling. Forgot to eat. Can wait, gotta stop the slaver Legion.
5:30-2am: Play game.
2:15-Huh. When did it get dark out? Why am I so hungry? 
2:30: Bedtime/eat banana

Day Two

8:30-Wake up, toilette, dress, coffee, banana
3:15-Bros complain about me using their PS3 system. I remind them who made their dinners/laundry for a month, then threaten to cry. They leave
7:15-Dinner. While playing game. Got a robo-dog and sniper dude now. Awesome.
7:30-1: Game. Then bed.

Day Three

1:30am-8:30-Dream am in game. 
9-Wake, usual, start game
9:15-2-Game. Stomach growling.
2:15-Eat Ramen while playing game.
2:30-9-Game then told I should shower as haven't in over two days. Getting bored with game so shower.
9:15-In shower realize how to beat the Brotherhood of Steel.
9:30-2am-Kick ass

Day Four

10-Wake, toilette, kick bro off PS3. 
10:30-5pm: Game. Beat it!!!!!!
5:15-Go to McDonald's, eat,
6:00-Shower, fall asleep until next day

So that was my vacation. This is why I don't drink/smoke/drugs. Must keep my addictive personality at bay. Now it's back to work time.

Until next time, this is Jennifer Harlow signing out from the Darkside...

Song of the Week: Tornado by Little Big Town
I'm reading: Nothing this week. 


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